Discover Asahan River of North Sumatra

October 23, 2019

Welcome to the remote area of North Sumatra where Gibbons still roam and frequent the trees and large exotic birds fly past and make some impressive sounds.It is also home to the tallest waterfall in Indonesia. The Ponot Waterfall! 

With a height of 250 meters, Ponot and several other waterfalls in the Asahan Valley, derive their water from the legendary Toba Caldera Lake.

The Toba Caldera Lake, the biggest caldera lake in the world of the size of Singapore is constantly feeding the Mighty Asahan River! the third-best rapids after Zambezi River in Africa and Colorado River in the USA, offering an exciting 30km stretch of big volume, Class Three to Five white water. 

If you are a keen kayaker or just simply want to do fun rafting activities, at the heart of Sumatran jungle, this small group package is for you. 

Also don’t forget to checkout our 360 video on Asahan River, contribution from the rental or sale of the video will be used directly in contributing to the development of the local guides.  


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Extreme Kayaking at Asahan River is something you must try if you are an experience kayaker that can navigate class 5-6 rapids.

There are two options for joining us in kayaking this amazing river, first one is by participating at our annual event, the Toba Caldera Adventure Festival held every November / December and the other one is though creating a group of minimal 10 kayakers for a tailor made experience and this is available all year round.

Head to our annual race event's website for more information or contact us for a small group bookings of a minimum 10 kayakers.

A guided kayak with our professional race director to navigate this river is available upon request, please email us for a quote! The above trip can be combined with our other trips to create a package that suitable for your needs.

The itinerary can be adjusted to suit your needs. Please contact us for more information

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