Dream to put Asahan River onto the Global Adventure Travel map

October 23, 2019
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Parhitean Village and the dream to put Asahan River onto the Global Adventure Travel map

Welcome to the remote area of North Sumatera where Gibbons still roam and frequent the trees and large exotic birds fly past and make some impressive sounds.

It is also home to the tallest waterfall in Indonesia. The Ponot Waterfall!

With a height of 250 meters, Ponot and several other waterfalls in the Asahan Valley, that derive their water from the legendary Toba Caldera Lake, are constantly feeding the Mighty Asahan River! the third-best rapids after Zambezi River in Africa and Colorado River in the USA, offering an exciting 30km stretch of big volume, Class Three to Five white water.

Follow us as we ride along the Asahan River in 360 with the local kayakers during their training session, and as we are gliding and slashing the water let’s take a look around to find several other kayakers in the back

These local kayakers have been trained as support teams to put their area onto the Global Adventure Travel Map, as the venue for the World's Extreme Kayaking Race, scheduled to be held in December 2022 after a much successful event in 2019 that was attended by around 80 athletes from 23 countries.

The much-anticipated event provides direct economic benefits to the local store owners, motorcycle rentals, small food stall holders, restaurants, ice-cream sellers, kayak equipment rentals, or local people who rent out their houses as temporary homestays.

But that’s not all, this event also provides cultural immersion opportunities for both visitors and locals to learn each other’s culture.

It also acts as a medium for the international athletes to teach the importance of a clean river to students, during their classroom visits and the village clean-up activities.  

Apart from kayaking the local youths also take general visitors for fun rafting activities. However, like in many other places in the world, local adventure travel businesses and communities in this village have suffered greatly from the effects of the pandemic.

But through their resilience and hope, some of them have been working with Impact Adventures BAKTI Kominfo and Adventure Travel Trade Association to upskilling their Product Development and Experience Design skills to combine with the technical skills that they learned from the past event we held here.

Let's support the local communities in Parhitean Village, a small and secluded village in North Sumatra who have been defying the pandemic and working hard to realise their dream of putting the Asahan River onto the Global Adventure Travel Map by renting or purchasing the 360 video they made. All profits will go towards local guides, providing direct economic benefits for them


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