The Olele Marine Park | 4D/3N

August 9, 2019

Olele Marine Park is located in Olele Village, Kabila Bone District, Gorontalo Province in Central Sulawesi Island, Indonesia and can be reached from the city by boat in 30 minutes. The marine park is famous for both diving and snorkelling.

Scattered around this marine protected area, Olele Marine Park is home to the large coral sponge called Salvador Dali sponge (Petrosia lignosa). The sponge resembles the painting of Salvador Dali and named after the surrealism maestro.

A range of different types of coral reefs with various colors, hundreds of marine species swimming among divers. There are nine dive spots in Olele with its own uniqueness.

The site is suitable for beginner divers to learn to dive or snorkel. With its quiet beach atmosphere and calm sea water the site provides an ideal surrounding for learning to master the diver's underwater equipment.



Meeting Service at Gorontalo Airport with tour guides who will arrange tour trips while in Gorontalo. After the tour guide checks the luggage of the tour participants, the tour participants will continue the journey for approximately 50 minutes to Gorontalo city to check-in at the hotel. In the evening, the tour participants will meet with the dive master who will do a briefing about the tour that will be carried out in Gorontalo.


After breakfast, tour participants will go to Olele Marine Park by car for approximately 1 hour drive. At the Olele Gorontalo marine park, tour participants will do three dives to explore the beauty of the Olele Marine Park. Here we can see Salvador Dali sponge (Petrosia Lignosa), a large sponge found scattered around the area with its unique swirling patterns that can only be found in the waters of Gorontalo.

The unique texture of the surface of this sponge is similar to a painting by Spanish maestro, Salvador Dali. Besides Salvador Dali, tour participants will see the Jin Cave Spot. Goa Jin is two large pillar-shaped reefs that are a bit dark but the place is quite safe for novice divers. At a depth of approximately 30 meters, we will see the beauty of beautiful underwater life such as several large sponges and unique marine fish such as the Black Coral Bush. After doing three dives in the Olele Marine Park, then the tour participants return to the Hotel to rest.


After breakfast, tour participants will return to Olele Marine Park to do 3 more dives at Olele's interesting dive spots, namely Honeycomb and the Sentinel Dive Site with offers underwater beauty such as porous coral, sponge, and pink hydroid cupressinna with many fish species.


On the last day, we will do 3 more dives at City Limit and Mirrabella dive site which offers another interesting dives to see some small Salvador Dali sponges with various type of fish and corals unique to the area.

The itinerary can be adjusted to suit your needs. Please contact us for more information

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