Discover Sumba, the Land Frozen in Time

August 30, 2019

Sumba is a vestige of one of the last surviving megalithic cultures on the planet. The region was identified for centuries as a source of sandalwood, slaves, and horses as well as a land of cannibal tribes, and today is renowned for its sculptured megalithic tombs, war game rituals and intricate textiles.

In this tour we will take you to experience the living megalith culture of East Nusa Tenggara, visiting several traditional villages in the region.

Kampung PraIjing or Praising Megalithic Village is a settlement of indigenous peoples in Tebara village, Waikabubak City District, West Sumba Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, a collection of traditional Sumba Houses which have been maintained for thousands of years. Sumba houses are commonly called Uma Bokulu (meaning big house) or Uma Mbatangu (meaning tower house). A traditional Sumba house is a house on stilts with a towering roof.



Lunch at a local restaurant, Dapur Sumba Mananga Aba beach swimming and sunset photos in mananga aba.

Check-in hotel for rest


House of Culture (museum) for exploring the museum.

Ratenggaro Village, In this village we can ride horses and also lear to make handicrafts such as weaving and bags from pandan leaves. Teaching simple English conversation to children in the village.

Swim in Waikuri Lagoon and guests can also share stories and chat with locals at local retailers around the lagoon.

Backto the hotel to rest.

DAY 03

Enjoy Waikelo Caves and Rice Fields. In this place, guests can learn how or the process of growing rice with the local community.

enjoy lunch in the rice field area with a great view

Praijing Village, learn how to make local food

Praijing Village, learn how to make local food and guests can also take time to take pictures in the village with a very extraordinary view

© Local sirkey restaurant for dinner.

DAY 04

Preparation to return to home country

The itinerary can be adjusted to suit your needs. Please contact us for more information

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