Diving the Maumere Bay

February 6, 2020

The Port Town of Maumere

Maumere is a port town on the north-eastern coast of Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. It is well connected by air with Kupang the capital city of East Nusa Tenggara, Denpasar, and Makassar the capital city of South Sulawesi.

Maumere Bay encompasses the whole area around Maumere town, all the way to the East with around 30 dive sites, most can be reached all year round.

In the 360 experience called "Diving the Maumere Bay", we will take you to discover Maumere underwater at three diving sites, the first is the southern part  Pangaatang Island, and the second is the Babi Island, and the third is the Tanjung Darat area.

Take a look at the sample 360 photos we took at these dive sites.

"With around 30 dive sites across the bay, Maumere has it all, from Drift Dives, Sloping Coral Reefs, Drop-Offs, and even Wrecks"

Contributing to Women's Empowerment

Apart from Diving and Snorkelling, Maumere offers travellers the chance to experience local culture whilst contributing to local economies. Sample our 360 tours on Maumere's Sikka Ikat weaving to see how the local women still use the natural dying process from natural ingredients such as leaves, barks and roots available in the area to create beautiful fabrics, called Ikat.

The 360 video on Lepo Lorun or the Weaving House shows how Women's empowerment in Sikka Regency has been helping in empowering and providing jobs to local women.

Take a look at the sample 360 photos taken as a sneak peek for this video and contact us at: admin@impactadventures.travel, should you be interested in knowing more about the package available to this destination.

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