Women Empowerment in Remote Area of Indonesia

February 14, 2019
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The Women of Tumbulawa and Satu Islands

The Togean (Toh-geh-ahn) Islands, aptly named the ‘Jewel of Central Sulawesi’, are in the centre of Tomini (Toh-mee-nee) bay in a remote area of Central Sulawesi.

One of the World's Biosphere Reserve, an important ecosystem that provides the planet earth with an arsenal in its fight against climate change, the archipelago contains 66 islands and islets, with 6 large islands, we will visit Tumbulawa and Satu Islands, small islands in the archipelago where we are heading off in this 360 video.

These islands are very special as they are home to the local women empowerment movement that produces natural soap from natural ingredients found in this remote area.

Join us on this virtual tour to see the production process of this beautiful product made from natural ingredients that support the women's movement against gender inequality and fill the gap of economic disparity in this remote area.

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